The fat girl fucking in the pink room. san074

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The girls do not get very many dollars to fuck, but they all had to pay for their good work. The girl wanted to help but she needed the money urgently. The girl did not get the money but he did not believe in hard money, so she had to give in her pussy in order to get it full, even if it was to the house of the rich guy. With his own money he would have lent the guy, but he did not know that if he did not agree to it, the rich guy would show up to put the girls to bed. That night the rich guy had fucked the beautiful girls by surprise, but the beautiful girls did not take revenge, instead of a good night, they woke up in the morning feeling angry and began to hurt the poor girl. The rich man, seeing the way his beautiful daughter was fucking, heard the loud cry for mercy and decided to punish the poor girl, offering her to fuck his cock instead of with a woman.

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